Welcome to Door to Hope

Door to Hope is currently celebrating 40 years of service to the people of Monterey County. Its nine behavioral health programs serve infants and young children, teenagers, men, women and families..


Since 1971 our Women’s Residential addiction recovery home has more than 2,000 graduates, returning them to their families and productive lives. Nueva Esperanza, a second recovery home for women, welcomes women in recovery and their young children.


For infants and young children exposed to alcohol or drugs in the womb the MCSTART program makes the difference of a lifetime. Without early intervention these children have little chance of a normal life.


Door to Hope has two programs for teenagers who have both mental health and substance abuse problems. The ICT program provides home-based therapy to troubled teenage boys and girls and their families. The Santa Lucia Group Home, offers much needed stability to teenage girls with addiction and mental health problems. Many are homeless.


Family education and family building is an important part of Door to Hope’s mission. Mentoring programs are offered to new adoptive or foster parents

and also those seeking to reunite with their children after a court

ordered separation.


Door to Hope is grounded in the experience and expertise of its certified professional staff. But the services go far beyond professional competence. The magic that makes it all work is loving care.


That is the hallmark of Door to Hope.

Door to Hope is a United Way Authorized Agency

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